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Fiber stain protectors are important for keeping your carpet clean and safe.New Orleans Carpet Cleaning provides fiber stain protectors for you. We are a New Orleans based company that operates in US. As a team of professionals we believe that furniture makes a home cozy. Cleaning your furniture is not enough to keep its former beauty. Special cares need to be undertaken. Applying fiber stain protector to your carpet and upholstery extend its life and makes your home remain fresh and comfortable.

What carpet and furniture protection we do offer?

Protecting your carper and furniture with fiber stain protectors is useful. However, there is no guarantee that your upholstery will stay clean forever. Protectors help you fight against dust, dirt, stains and soils. They slow down the process of soiling due to high feet traffic. Besides, protectors make your carpet and furniture look good and clean.

carpets and furniture protectors

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning offers you the most popular protector brands:

  • Scotchguard TM carpet protectors
  • 3M carpet protector
  • DuPont Teflon carpet security
  • Other protector brands

Fiber stain protectors definitely make your carpet and furniture look beautiful. They help you fight against food stains, pet odor and stains, wine spills or soiling due to feet traffic.

It is a fact that dirty carpets and furniture may cause health problems such as asthma or allergies. Specialists advise the consumers to precisely clean, sanitize and protect their home from allergens, bacteria and germs. New Orleans Carpet Cleaning helps you find the perfect cleaning solution for your home. We provide professional carpet and furniture protection services. We use carpet deodorizers that neutralize odors and protect your carpet and furniture from different pollutants.

treated and untreated fibers

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning provides cleaning experts make preliminary inspection of your carpet and furniture and choose the most suitable fiber stain protector for your upholstery. Our team of experts is in charge of applying the protector to your furniture. Once your upholstery is protected, the fight against soil, oily stains, food stains, and dust becomes easier.

Remember that clean carpets and furniture are important for your healthy home. Carpet and upholstery protectors are necessary for homes with kids and pets. New Orleans Carpet Cleaning is here to offer you the best upholstery protectors. Our branded protectors suit any types of carpets and furniture. They lessen any static electricity and make the fibers of your carpet stronger. The result is fresh-smelling home and healthy environment for your family members.

Are carpet and furniture protectors important?

Carpet and furniture protectors make your home clean and healthy. Here is a list of 5 reasons why you should get fiber stain protector:

  1. Fiber stain protectors reduce permanent stains

Beautiful carpets may be easily damaged by spots, stains or dirt. It is necessary to protect the fibers of your carpet in order to prevent it from spillage, spots, soil or dust. Protected fibers can be easily cleaned. Any stains and dirt can be easily removed if your carpet and furniture are protected.

  1. Protectors help keeping traffic areas safe

Usually heavy soiled areas are abrasive and ruin the fibers of your upholstery. Fiber stain protectors extend the life of your carpets or furniture. Besides, dirt and soils can be effectively eliminated if fiber stain protectors are applied.

  1. Fiber stain protectors allow you to easily clean spots

Once fiber stain protector is applied to your carpet and upholstery, the cleaning process of your furniture becomes easier. Besides, sports can be removed by water only.

  1. Protectors facilitates professional cleaning methods

When you purchase professional cleaning services, the results will be much more satisfying if your carpet or rug have been previously protected.

  1. Fiber stain protectors guarantee full return on your investment

It is hard to clean sports or stains if the carpet is not protected. Specialists advise you to invest in protecting your furniture in order to minimize any expenses you may occur.

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning provides fiber stain protectors for you. Call us today and prevent your furniture from future damages.

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