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Hardwood Floor Cleaning New Orleans

Hardwood floors have own natural beauty. Usually, they can be seen in residential homes and commercial offices.New Orleans Carpet Cleaning hires experts that are trained to professionally clean and maintain hardwood floors. Our company offers cost-effective Hardwood Floor Cleaning New Orleans Service that meets any requirements and budgets. We are a New Orleans cleaning company that operates on the territory of US. As a team of cleaning professionals, we are here to offer full carpet and floor cleaning solutions.

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning uses Bona’s certified products to clean and extend the life of your hardwood floors. These products are GREENGUARD certified. They offer complete care system for your home and match any specific needs of your hardwood floors.

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning offers you complete hardwood floor cleaning care systems. Our services include:

  • Hardwood floor cleaning
  • Hardwood floor polishing
  • Hardwood floor restoration & recoating
  • Dust free hardwood floor refinishing

What hardwood floor cleaning New Orleans services do we provide?

The equipment we use is professional and specially designed to clean hardwood floors. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic and completely safe for your environment.

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning experts make preliminary examination and inspection of your hardwood floor. Evaluation of your wood floor helps our cleaning professionals make a plan and choose the best cleaning solutions for your home. Besides, we offer a free consultation for our clients. Do not hesitate to contact us now to get a free floor analysis.

The cleaning techniques used by our cleaning experts are individual. They depend on the specific condition of your floor and they bring back the original beauty.

Hardwood floors are recommended to be carefully cleaned. They should be kept dirt and dust free in order to minimize scratches and scuffs. Clean hardwoods floors last longer. Their former beauty is kept safe and their natural appearance is not damaged.

What cleaning products do we use for this service?

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning uses professional and Greenguard certified products to clean your hardwood floors. These products are eco-friendly and water-based. They are specially formulated to clean all types of hardwood floors. The result is clear and unwaxed floor. The Bona’s Greenguard certified products we use are professional cleaning products. With their help we turn your hardwood floor into beautiful and naturally-looking wood floor that is free of dust or waxy residue.

Our cleaners will not only clean your hardwood floor, but they will perfectly polish its surface. Unfortunately, hardwood floors start dulling in time and minor scratches appear on their surfaces. This is the time when your hardwood floor says that it needs to be professionally cleaned and polished. Usually hardwood floors are recommended to be regularly polished. Depending on the intense traffic your home gets, your hardwood floor requires polishing services in every 2-3 months.

Our company provides hardwood floor restoring services too. Whether your hardwood floor has moderate or heavy scratches, it is high time to restore its surface. Otherwise, the natural beauty of your floor will be lost. We prepare and recoat your hardwood floor with protective coat of urethane. This coat fills in scratches and revives the natural appearance of your hardwood floor. The result is restored, polished and shiny wooden floor.

If the restoration procedure is properly done, your floor will keep its primer beauty for few years. However, prepping and recoating of hardwood floors is recommended to be done in every few years in order to keep the surface of your floor strong and shiny. The duration of any floor cleaning and restoring procedure is different. The restoration procedure of a floor with size 1000 square feet usually takes up to 1 day.

Do you need professional hardwood floor cleaning New Orleans solutions ? Call us today. New Orleans Carpet Cleaning offers you professional cares for your home. Our company provides cost-effective solutions that meet any budgets. Whether you need carpet cleaning services or upholstery cleaning , we are here to help you! Call us now (504) 684-4456.

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