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Pet Odor & Stain Removal

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Our cleaning experts understands that pets are important family members. Unfortunately, pets are animals and they do not understand the importance of furniture for your home. Puppies and kittens cause many damages to your beautiful upholstery before being properly trained. They play with your carpet, lie on your furniture and leave fur on it. No matter what your pet is, it has specific odor. This odor is easily absorbed by specific materials such as carpets, rugs, upholstery. Pet owners are aware of this problem and they search for the best cleaning solution for their homes.

The cleaning solutions we do offer are based on the knowledge of the specific needs of your pets. It is a fact that pet odor and fur may cause health problems. Do not allow this to happen. Contact us today and take advantage of our perfect cleaning solutions.

Pet Urine Detection
Pet Urine Detection
Pet Urine Detection with UV Light
Pet Urine Detection with UV Light

What cleaning methods do we undertake?

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning knows that it is hard to remove specific pet odor and stains by ordinary cleaning methods or by using ordinary cleaning products. For this reason we offer several cleaning techniques:

  1. We use a black light to detect stains and other affected areas

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning carefully examines your carpet and upholstery. We use a black light to detect any affected areas – stains or pet urine. The urine glows in green-yellow color under the black light. This type of light allows us to locate urine contaminated areas of your carpet and upholstery.

  1. Preliminary treatment by urine removing solution and pet odor neutralizing solution

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning provides a team of experts who will perfectly clean and sanitize your upholstery. Our professionals will spray your carpet with specific chemical substance that will neutralize the smell of urine. This chemical substance will prepare the urine stain to be easily removed. The result is clear carpet and fresh smelling home.

  1. Pet odor and stain removal by special cleaners and enzyme

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning uses special organic enzyme cleaners that facilitate the cleaning process. These cleaners successfully remove pet odors and stains. They are formulated to breakdown odor and stains molecules that are deeply absorbed in your carpet or upholstery. These organic enzyme cleaners eliminate microorganism and bacteria as well as any sources of the odor. The result is perfectly sanitized upholstery.

Additional treatments

Pet urine does not only leaves stains and unpleasant odor. It is easily absorbed by your carpet and it contaminates your carpet and floor. The ordinary cleaning solutions do not work when it comes to deeply contaminated fibers of your carpet. Special treatment and products are required in order your upholstery to keep its primary beauty. As the urine dries, its crystals become concentrated. The smell becomes stronger and more unpleasant. Do not wait for this to happen. Call us today to find the perfect cleaning solution for your home.

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning is dealing with specific cases of pet odor and stains. Sometimes pet urine is deeply absorbed by the carpet. It soaks through the carpet into the padding. Special treatment is required in such cases. The method of dirt extraction comes to help in cases of serious urine damages. Underside treatment is provided by means of cleaner installers. Our experts will remove your carpet in order to replace the affected padding before completing the cleaning procedure.

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning provides quality cleaning services. Call us today to get preliminary inspection of your home. We remove pet stains and odor that ruin your upholstery. The result is clean home and fresh-smelling environment.

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