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Tile and Grout cleaning solutions

Dirty and stained grouts can make the most beautiful tiles look dingy. Expensive tiles look unattractive if they are covered with piles of dust or heavy stains. The reasons for damaging the good vision of your tiles are different – improper cleaning methods, spills, foot traffic, or inappropriate cleaning substances. New Orleans Carpet Cleaning is here to provide solutions for different needs and budgets.

We Provide  the best cleaning solution for your grout and tiles problems.

The services we do provide are various. We do not only offer carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. We cater to different needs and requirements. New Orleans Carpet Cleaning is here to help you professionally clean your tile floor. The solutions we offer for your tiles and grout problems include high quality cleaning methods that successfully remove dust and dirt from tile flooring. We reduce dirt from grout holes. We clean and refurbish your tiles, eliminating the need to replace old and damaged tiles.

We own professional equipment that helps us perfectly clean your tile floor. The chemical substances we use, combined with our cleaning methods, deliver successful results. Your tile floor is crystal clean and its grouts are perfectly sanitized.

Tile Grout Cleaning Before
Tile Grout Cleaning Before
Tile & Grout Cleaning After
Tile & Grout Cleaning After

tile and grout cleaning new orleansNew Orleans Carpet Cleaning Tile and Grout cleaning company offers preliminary inspection of your tile flooring in order to choose the perfect cleaning solution for you. Our team of experts has deep knowledge of tiles and different materials. We deal with porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, quarry tiles and many more. Once we choose the most suitable cleaning solution for you, we put in action our cleaning techniques.

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning Tile and Grout cleaning company uses professional machines to achieve the best results. The high-pressure rotating machine helps us meet the Client’s requirements. This machine has double revolving jets that facilitate the procedure of grout and tile cleaning and sanitation. We also use the method of truck-mounted pressure or fog cleaning to deliver satisfying results. This method is used in carpet cleaning, as well. It helps us clean waxy areas from your tiles and eliminate dust and dirt from grout holes.

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning’s Tile and Grout cleaning team uses the method of floor vacuuming to eliminate wobbly dry areas from your tile floor. We aim to keep the former beauty of your tiles. No color is lost and no grouts are damaged during the cleaning process. We know that tiles are made of specific materials that may be easily damaged. This is why we try to give the best solution in order to keep the surface of your tiles and grouts clean and undamaged.

The last step in the cleaning process involves the method of high pressure cleaning. It eliminates any dust, dirt or soil from your tiles and perfectly sanitizes the grouts. The high pressure cleaning method allows any soils to be vacuumed on the tile and grout’s surface. The result is crystal clear tiles and perfectly sanitized grouts.

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning’s Tile and Grout cleaning experts do not allow water marks to be settled on the surface of your tile floor. Once the cleaning procedure is completed, we swipe any remaining water from your floor surface and let it dry.

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning Company New Orleans is run by experts. Our team of cleaning professionals is here to give the perfect look of your tiles and grouts. The cleaning process takes from 30 to 60 minutes for normal sized room. However, this time for completion of the cleaning process is longer when it comes to industrial buildings or business offices. Please note that cleaning procedure takes different time to be completed.

New Orleans Carpet Cleaning’s Tile and Grout cleaning solutions include: tile floors, walls, countertops, kitchen flooring, and shower stalls. Call us today and get the perfect solution for your dirt grouts and tile flooring. We can make your floor look attractive. Contact us now to get full assistance and preliminary inspection of your home or office.

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